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Non-smoking Supplementary Toothpaste NIKOTOOTH

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[5M5 Inc.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Non-smoking Supplementary Toothpaste NIKOTOOTH 

│ Description │

Nikotooth stimulates the cerebral limbic system with a unique fragrance of aromatic essence (complex essence oil) so that the user slowly recognizes the cigarette incense as an unpleasant smell and reduces the need to smoke. 



│ Main Ingredients │

- Bergamot Oil
- Coriander Oil
- Ginger Oil
- Orange Oil
- Lemon Oil 



│ Features │

First, a more natural approach towards smokers. To those who smoke after meals, non-smoking can be induced by brushing their teeth with the toothpaste. It has a high compliance to smokers.
Second, there are few side effects on the human body.
Third, it can cause synergy with other smoking cessation therapies.
Fourth, it reduces the desire for tobacco without withdrawal.
Fifth, the basic efficacy of a general toothpaste is outstanding, such as tooth decay prevention, bad breath removal, and whitening.



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